Our Team

Andrea Morris

With many years of international experience as an educator, Andrea realized that making a difference was at the core of her mission. Andrea co-founded Ejaad with the desire to make an impact in the lives of Afghan women, celebrate the cultural richness, and share positive and heartwarming stories as a way to dispel common perceptions of Afghanistan being a broken and war-torn country. As an avid traveler, Andrea knows that the preservation of cultural identity through arts and crafts helps create a sense of pride and empowerment. In 2017, she visited Afghanistan for the first time and was deeply inspired by its vast and formidable landscape and its mosaic of diverse cultures. But it was the genuine warmth and hospitality of its people that made an ever-lasting impression. 

Abdul Shukoor Popal​

Abdul Popal is a graduate of Economics from Osaka University and a public servant in Afghanistan. He would like to contribute to Afghan society through implementing this project at a grassroots level that will help underprivileged Afghan women. Most importantly he feels that through this project, the women will be able to work from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo

Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo is an artist and teacher living in Japan. She hopes to be a role model for her students and help them see huge possibilities in the world. She feels art is always a connector. Art speaks to our commonality instead of our differences. To be a global citizen we need to think beyond borders and help those who have fewer opportunities. In Afghanistan, there are numerous challenges faced by women in everyday living. This project helps women and supports them not only in education but with new opportunities. When you help a woman, you help the world.

Yuriko Tsutsui

Yuriko Tsutsui is interested in working with groups of women and girls in developing countries. Ejaad is not her first project, she also works with a project in Nepal. Yuriko is instrumental in translating much of the work into Japanese when we have sales and fairs there. She has a keen eye for design and helps with designs, knowing the Japanese market well.


Hena is the project coordinator in Kabul, and is invaluable in communicating with our international team. She is our only English speaking artisan. Hena worked as an English teacher in Peshawar, Pakistan. She recently returned to Afghanistan, and lives with her family in a village outside of Kabul. Hena coordinates the orders between Kabul and the growing list of countries we sell products in. She is a talented and skilled embroiderer, creating both traditional and contemporary stitching designs to suit a range of global markets.

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