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Empowering And Supporting Women

We connect and empower women to make decisions, develop a voice, and contribute economically within their families. Our artisans are role models and are valued within their community.

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Creativity Through Traditional Designs

Learning Center

The Project

We stand by the rights of women and girls to receive an education.  Our Workshop and Learning Center will provide classes for those women and girls with limited education and those who desire more challenging opportunities. 

Each year our project grows. We started with just 8 embroiderers in 2017, and now we are at 25. We warmly welcome more women wanting to join, knowing that the impact on families is significant.


is our Kabul coordinator and is important to our project and an English speaker. She worked as a teacher in a refugee camp in Peshawar, so her role in helping to organise and facilitate classes at our learning center is key.


is our assistant coordinator and has hosted all the workshop trainings up until now. She buys the materials and helps distribute the orders to our artisans. She is a quietly spoken woman, exuding kindness and warmth.


learned to embroider from an early age and is very accomplished in her designs. She grew up in a rural village where education opportunities were limited. She would love to learn English and teach early childhood learners.


has been with our project since the beginning. Her embroidery is popular with our global market. She has a high school education and wishes to be part of our learning center by taking on-line classes to further her dreams.


joined our project more recently after moving to Kabul from her village to marry. She is very happy to contribute to her growing family of two beautiful girls. It also enables her to pay for her fathers cancer treatment.


is an experienced embroiderer, who joined our project when we first started it. Samia’s financial contribution to her family makes a big difference to their lives. She is engaged to be married.


says she feels so lucky to be part of Ejaad, as she knows how much it helps her family. She is soon to be married, and would like to continue with the project.


was the head of a girls school in Pakistan while living there as a refugee. She helps to support her family through her artistic abilities.


creates beautiful pieces of embroidery, and knows a variety of designs from different regions of Afghanistan. She is a teacher at a private school and would love to be a lawyer in the future.


Is happy she can earn an income working from home. She would like to be able to read more books and become a doctor. She is studying in year 12.


expresses her happiness in being part of this project because it means she can contribute to her family. Sidiqa lives with her brother.


would like to learn how to use a computer. She wishes she could become a teacher. She has 4 other sisters in the project and is still at school.


appreciates being able to work on the project from her home. She wants to go to university and be a doctor. She is studying in class 12.


feels lucky to be able to work from home creating embroidery pieces. She wants to complete her education and learn more of the holy Quran. She recently moved to Kabul from a village.


is so happy she can help her family by working in the project. She would like to complete her education. She has completed class 8.


is happy to be able to work from home and contribute to her family, with her sister. She would like to be a teacher. She speaks Dari and Pashtu but would like to learn to speak several more languages, including English.


appreciates being able to work from home to help her family financially. She graduated from class 12. She wants to continue her education and be a nurse.


earning her money means she can take care of herself and her family. She can provide for her five children through this project. Her children go to a private school. This project helps to pay for their fees.


has three daughters and wants to be able to provide or them by selling her embroidery. She would love to send her children to the Learning Center to start their early childhood education .


is appreciative that through this project she can buy necessities for her three children. She received an education to class 5.


lives in a village where there are no opportunities for work, so this project is important in providing her with an income. She wasn’t able to go to school. Now she has a two year old daughter.


is married with one child and uses her embroidery sales to buy necessities for her family. She lives in a village outside of Kabul.


Through this project she is able to contribute to her family, who have limited resources. She lives in a village and spends her free time embroidering.

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