Impact Projects

Workshop and Learning Center

After four years of our artisans mostly working from their own homes, it is our dream to build a safe and discreet place where they can collaborate and work together.  A small piece of land was purchased partly through donations from volunteers and partly gifted to us by an Ejaad family member so we could make this a reality. We are honoured to be partnering with Architects Without Frontiers (AWF)  an organisation based in Australia, committed to transforming lives through design. The plan includes drawings for a two-storied building consisting of an office, a sewing/embroidery workshop area, a learning area for literacy and computer classes, and a small library. Additionally there will be a small kitchen and bathroom. The rooftop will offer a space to gather for tea while enjoying the breathtaking mountain views.

Many of our artisans have expressed the desire to learn English, and take computer/technology classes. Some hope to learn to read and write in their national language, Dari. Some of our artisans with a high school education would like to study further by taking online courses. We are also able to empower a number of our artisans who completed a high school education by training them as teachers. Our goal of promoting and supporting the ongoing learning of women and girls goes hand in hand with our vision, that every woman has the power to change her life for the better.

Partner Schools

Part of advocating for our project is the work we do with students in schools. At Senri Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin and at The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia we work with students in a service-learning capacity to create awareness about Ejaad. The Parent Teacher Association at Senri International School are kindly donating a portion of their ‘parent dues’ to us. We now collaborate with international schools in China, Thailand, and Sweden to raise funds and sell products at school and community fairs. These students are truly global citizens who inspire, lead, and model service. A number of parents, students and teachers volunteer their time to help to create beautiful works of art using Ejaad embroideries, sell our artisans pieces at fairs and designing visual graphics.


Tokyonaka International Friendship Association and Sapana Cafe collaborate with us to sell Ejaad products and highlight the work we do. This wonderful enterprise is the work of Yuriko Tsutsui, a dedicated and selfless volunteer for the empowerment of women in developing countries in Asia.

Ejaad also works with Rika Matsuo, CEO of About Her, a women’s fashion and design enterprise in Osaka, Japan. Rika uses our artisan’s embroidery to create stylish clothing and accessories.

Soojin Lee from Mary J inspires us by her voluntary work to turn tassels into earrings. She uses Ejaad embroidery to make drop earrings using gold or silver thread, and bracelets.

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